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Global Young Scholar 
2024 Talent Search

The Global Young Scholar qualification process involves two assessments:

The GYS Talent Search Exam - a 25min assessment administered by schools - is sponsored by Education World, granting students a waiver on the 850 INR participation fee.
The GYS Talent Challenge - a 90min assessment. The test fee is 1900 INR and includes a year-long Global Young Scholar program membership.

All Talent Challenge participants receive personalized score reports with their local, regional, and national rankings, along with detailed insights into strengths and areas for improvement.

Participants join a global peer network of students and receive guidance on university and career pathways.

Students may also receive scholarship offers, special access to education and enrichment programs, and rewards recognizing them for their academic potential through our local affiliates.

Sample questions - Instructions:

Let's review the rules before we start!

The following sample questions are representative of the types of questions students will encounter on both the 25 min GYS Talent Search Exam and the 90 min GYS Talent Challenge. Please note that these sample questions will not be scored.

The 25min qualifying exam consists of 3 short sections covering reading, English and math, while the 90min Challenge exam includes a 15 minute section measuring personality dimensions, followed by 3 sections of 25 minutes each covering reading, English, math, and logical reasoning, for a total of 1 hour and 30 minutes.

You should try to answer every question, but there are no penalties for incorrect answers.

Most of the questions are multiple choice and only accept a single answer. However, some questions - mostly in math - will also ask you to type in an answer. 

On these questions, you will not be scored on formatting, punctuation or whether you use capitalization, so don’t worry about how your answer looks, just do your best to answer the question as completely as you can. 

You may go back to prior questions to check or change your answers - including questions from prior sections of the test.

When you complete a section, you may advance to the next section, even if you haven’t used the full 25min for that section. 

So it is entirely up to you how you make the best use of the 1 hour and 30min allotted time. 

When you have finished the final section, you are finished with the exam.  

Please be sure to SUBMIT YOUR ANSWERS (we can't score your test if you don't submit it!)

After the exam, you'll receive an email with instructions for ordering a score report. 

And most importantly, Good Luck!

oh - and one little tip - you're not expected to answer every question in the allotted time, so pay attention to timing and don't hesitate to guess!