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Global Young Scholar 
Talent Search 2024

This page is for use by official school personnel only, and the link to this page should not be shared with parents or students.  
Participation in the Talent Search is as easy as:
1) direct your students to - where they can now register directly for the Talent Search, and
2) sign your school up below to ensure that EducationWorld has your up-to-date information and can send you a complimentary school score report.
No other steps are required by schools.   
Once students complete the Talent Search, they can return to that same site to see whether they've qualified for the GYS Challenge Exam.   
Their status will be updated at 48hrs after submitting the qualifying exam.  
School-wide reports will be available upon the completion of the Talent Search (tentatively early September.)

The Global Young Scholar (GYS) Talent Search provides your school and students with valuable insights into their academic strengths.

The Talent Search is the first step for students to qualify for the Global Young Scholar Program.
Benefits of the program include fee reductions and preferred access to educational programs, a global student network, and scholarships at US and Indian universities.
Student participation in the Talent Search significantly influences the EducationWorld India School Rankings (Academic Reputation parameter score).
EducationWorld sponsors the participation fee of 850 INR per student, making their involvement entirely free of charge.
Schools can nominate students only in classes VI to XII to participate in the GYS Talent Search. A minimum of 50 students per school are required to write the test.

To protect student privacy, students only submit their name, email address and school to register for the Talent Search.

No additional personal information is collected unless students choose to participate in the GYS Talent Challenge.
Qualified students receive an invitation to the Global Young Scholar Talent Challenge, an AI-monitored exam.
More information about the US-based Global Young Scholar program and its mission can be found at

GYS Talent Search FAQ

GYS Talent Search Honor Code

All participating schools and students are obligated to adhere to the GYS Talent Search Honor Code. By participating, you agree to:
* Appoint a Global Young Scholar Talent Search Invigilator who will serve as the primary contact and oversee the examination administration..

* Approach every exam with integrity, refraining from giving or receiving unauthorized assistance or accessing prohibited materials.

* Respect the examination process and all participants, including fellow students and faculty, by adhering all exam instructions and guidelines.

* Maintain the confidentiality of exam content and refrain from sharing any information about exam questions or answers with others.

* Report any observed incidents of dishonesty.

* Understand that failing to adhere to this Honor Code may result in disqualification of students or schools from the Talent Search.

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School Address:

Primary contact email & mobile number